Saturday, September 24, 2011


Swarg k dwar pe 3 log khade the.

God : Sirf 1 hi andar ja sakta hai....

1st : Main Brahmin hu, sari umar aapki seva ki hai. Swarg pe mera hak hai....

2nd : Main Doctor hu, sari umar logo ki seva ki hai. Swarg pe mera haq hai....

3rd : Maine IT MEIN JOB KI HAI.... ......

God : aage kuch mat bol.... Rulaayega kya pagle..? Andar aa ja......... Tere forwarded mails, follow-ups, bench pe 2years, night shifts, PM se panga, CTC se zaada deductions, pick-up drop ka lafda , Ladki na milne ki frustrations, client meetings, delivery dates, week ends mein kaam etc etc…. mere ko senti kar diya yaar…..aja jaldi andar aja

‎1 Sharabi mar raha tha..
Toh Bhagwan Prakat huye aur bole-

Koi antim Ichcha?


Agle janam main Aankh chahe 1 hi Dena
Par Liver 4 dena.

Stupid Questions & Smart Replies:
1.When People See You Lying Down, With Eyes Closed; They Still Ask- Are You Sleeping?
*No, I'm Training To Die!

2.When It's Raining & They Notice You Going Out, They Ask- Are You Going Out In This Rain?
*No, In The Next One!

3.Your Friend Calls Your Home Phone & Asks; Where Are You?
*At The Bus Stop!

4.They See You Wet, Coming Out From The Bathroom- Did You Just Bathe?
*No, I Fell In The Lavatory!

5.You Are Standing In Front Of An Elevator On Ground Floor & They Ask- Going Up?
*No, I'm Waiting For My Apartment To Come Down & Get Me!

6.Your Boyfriend Visits You With A Bouquet, You Still Ask Him- Are Those Flowers?
*No, They Are Carrots!

7.You're In The Loo, When Someone Knocks The Door Asking- Is Anyone In There?
*No, It's SHIT Talking To You!

8.You're Buying Tickets At A Cinema Hall, They See You & Asks- What Are You Doing Here?
*I'm Paying My School Fee Here.

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